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Weldmatic, Inc.

Quality Products for Weld Wire Dispensing

Home of the Original PC7 – Premium “BLUE” Plastic Conduit



DSI09 Digital Speed Indicator
  • Affordable hand-held battery operated tachometer
  • Gives flexibility to test inches-per-minute (IPM) from one station to next in short amount of time
  • C-MOS single chip microprocessor for high reliability and low maintenance in rugged die-cast aluminum housing (storage case included)
  • Displays wire feed rate in IPM
  • Five-digit .47" (12 mm) high LCD with automatic floating decimal point
  • Checks wire speed of any size welding wire coming out of torch head or anywhere there is an exposure window of at least 2" (51 mm) of welding wire
  • To test IPM of welding station during welding cycle when there is no exposed welding wire, use Weldmatic's WEK09 Wire Exposure Kit

DSIB-WEA09 Digital Speed Indicator Bracket
  • Bracket for holding DSI09 Digital Speed Indicator comes complete with WEA09 Wire Exposure Assembly attached (DSI09 sold separately).
  • Quick connect fittings snap into Weldmatic's conduit quick connectors to hold the DSI09 in your welding system for extended testing time.
  • Spring-loaded bracket keeps the DSI09 against the welding wire while testing the IPM.
  • Bracket allows the DSI09 to be rotated counterclockwise then pulled back onto a locking pin to disengage the DSI09 while readings are not needed. The DSI09 can quickly be reengaged by pushing forward then rotating clockwise to test the IPM of the welding wire.

WEK09 Wire Exposure Kit
  • Kit comes with WEA09 Wire Exposure Assembly and WEC09 Wire Exposure Cover
  • Kit quick connects into existing Weldmatic quick connectors on welding station to allow testing of wire's IPM feed rate during welding cycle
  • Simply remove WEC09 Wire Exposure Cover to expose wire for testing
  • Use cover to close system back up to protect welding wire from dust and other contaminates when not in use
  • Allows for quick testing at a station without hard wiring the tachometer


DPG09 Digital Pull Gauge
  • Hand-held digital pull gauge checks drag on wire being pulled through conduit
  • State-of-the-art technology allows for accuracy of 1/10 ounce (2 grams)
  • Five-digit LCD display reads in pounds/ounces or metric (kilograms/grams)
  • Maximum pull 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
  • Displays largest draw per pull
  • Gauge gives an average of up to 10 pulls
  • Includes 9 volt battery
  • Storage case included


WC7 One-Way Wire Clutch
  • Prevents wire from retracting in the event
    breakage occurs (install as close to wire source as possible)
  • Prevents wire from shingling down on reel of wire in the event of a breakage
  • Used with 7-1 Wire Clutch Mounting Adapter
  • Maximum wire diameter 3/32" (2.381 mm)

7-1 Wire Clutch Mounting Adapter
  • Inserts into an existing 3/8" (9.5 mm) I.D.
    mounting hole leaving a 3/8" (9.5 mm) I.D.
    mounting hole on other end of 7-1 for conduit
  • Inserts into top of WD12 Wooden Reel Wire Dispenser
  •  Inserts into 6-3 Conduit Mounting Bracket already mounted in an AH6 Accessory Holder  (6-3 and AH6 sold separately) when using W10 Wooden Reel Wire Dispenser
    See link below for illustration
  • Used to mount WC7 One-Way Wire Clutch.





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